XZ-1: Sometimes a pink stripe on screen when I shoot.

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Re: XZ-1: Sometimes a pink stripe on screen when I shoot.

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If the camera is pointed at a very bright light source, like the sun, a vertical stripe appears on the view screen, but not on the photo. This is normal behavior for the camera.

Anyone know why this happens?

What's the technical reason why the display goes haywire in direct bright light...
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I believe it has to do with the characteristics of the CCD sensor (as compared to a CMOS sensor), where a strong light source overwhelms it.

Yup. It's called blooming. Basically, a CCD comprises long lines of charge buckets that have a voltage-controlled barrier between them that is raised to capture the charge in a sensel and that then strategically lowered and raised to cause the charge to flow towards one end of the line of buckets to a waiting charge amplifier and A/D converter (AKA "bucket-brigade line". Since the separation between wells is not infinite, excess charge (from a very bright light) can overflow the barriers and flood the entire line of buckets. That causes the pinkish line. Note that it only appears in one direction, indicating in which direction the bucket line moves charge.

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