assistance with comparison of Nikon d5100 and Sony a65

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Re: hey barry re. sucking mirror

TrojMacReady wrote:

The fact you were banned from the Sony forum before you left to join Pentax and then Nikon, could have played a small role too.

Sony have IMO made many mistakes but we won't go over that again it's down a each person's view.

Sure I got banned but then so did about 8 other folks who like yourself were not adult enough to deal with other people's views. If I recall even the well respected David Kilpatrick got a ban because DPR didn't like his mild criticism of one of their reviews.

Guess we can pick hairs here but DPR are far from even handed with their over zealous moderation.

I'm not one to mince words DPR has IMO gone downhill a lot in recent times, and the standard of reviews is not up to scratch it's not entirely shocking the moderation on forums is poor at best too.

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