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Re: I'll have to concur on this one

This is great advice. Same with all the great comments people have been leaving.

Gear lust lens lust is hard to resist right now. The good thing is that I haven't yet discovered the merits of high-zoom lenses, so my lust is limited. In terms of lenses, the 7.5 samyang fisheye, the 25mm summicron (too close to my 20mm...), and the 45mm portrait are tempting... but I don't yet see the value on 50mm+. Please don't explain their values, please save my wallet...

I agree though, I've been having lunch/dinner with camera enthusiasts lately to learn more about how to use my camera and photoshop/LR. I'm learning a lot. I definitely need more practice to master my own camera first, and the GX1 is definitely a strong device that won't limit me.

Thank you for your advice!

peppermonkey wrote:

If you have the funds to splurge on an OMD so close to buying the GX1, then go right ahead. I would do so also if given the chance.

But this is your first serious camera no? I think it's a little early to even consider a new body. Working on resisting gear lust will probably do more to improve your photography then anything else

I started getting seriously into photography in 2007 when I bought a Panny TZ3. A point in shoot. By 2009 I hit some technical walls I couldn't get by. Awful high ISO...i.e. anything over ISO 400 was pure utter crap. And a whole lot of other issues that comes with most other point and shoot. By then I was pretty serious into photography so I bought a GF1 in 2009.

Yes, I would love to have greater high ISO IQ but ISO 1250 is still good enough for me and I'm still getting great shots. So basically I'm at a point where I'm satisfied enough with what I have that I don't have too big of a pull to upgrade. As soon as Panny brings out the GX2 or Oly comes out with an E-Px with inbuilt EVF I may change my mind (sorry, I love the E-Px look way more than the OMD look ;))

As it stands I have come to realize that getting a new body will only improve some areas but in all seriousness, I have yet to hit any real technical walls in my GF1. Learning to become a better photographer will get me to produce better photos than a new body. And since this is your first serious camera I think the best course of action is the same. Learn to use what you have. Learn to become a better photographer. And maybe add some lenses when you know what you like to take photos of. Course lens lust by it self is a horrible disease to have (unless you have $$$ coming out of your...err...).

Gear lust will eventually take you down (it eventually kills every one of us...well, except the most stubborn fellas...very rare those unlike us mere mortals) but resist as much as you can (assuming you can't afford to give in to gear lust) and learn to use what you have now. Your wallet and your photography will thank you.

pinnacle wrote:

The GX1 is a very nice camera and I recommend that you hang on for a while, enjoying what the GX1 can do.

From what I can see looking at many of the m43rds lens groups on Flickr, the GX1 is producing very nice images.

I would think more about possible lens acquisitions and fine tuning your skillet with the multitude of features that the GX1 has to offer.

Will I learn from life's lessons or will I lose my faith in the goodness life's promise had to offer?

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