Sony RX100 filter adapters?

Started Aug 17, 2012 | Discussions thread
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Step-up ring glued to lens barrel

I bought a Heliopan 35.5mm --> 39mm step-up ring.
Then removed the 35.5mm thread part and glued the rest to the front of
the RX100 lens barrel.

So I have a permanent 39mm filter thread on my RX100 now.
I will start a thread with some images and info later.

I use it with a 39mm rubber lens hood and 39mm filters.
One filter is ok, but if you use a pol. filter and a ND filter at same time
there is some vignetting. Again, more info coming later.

This is a cheap and "dirty" solution.
But the lens barrel is not very solid, so I believe I have to be very careful
when adding the lens hood and filters. Hold the lens barrel with one hand etc.

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