Canon 7D Firmware v2 - Problem?

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Re: I don't understand these Cx comments

Firmware upgrade Complete! Thankfully, it went off without a hitch. I've taken approximately 150 clicks with it so far and experienced no problems. None with my C1, C2 or C3 settings either... No freezing, no issues!

Here's what I did, after reading hours of blogs and posts regarding the issues I finally decided that the odds were in my favor to have a successful install, but I took some measures in hopes of increasing my odds...

I tried to imagine Canon techs loading the firmware into test bodies at the factory. In doing so, I thought that they likely load the firmware in all three of the methods described in order to test, but likely they load them into body only cameras...

So I stripped off my battery grip, took off my lens and used the lens mount cover to seal. I charged my batteries and installed using "P" mode as recommended. I know they say any of the other custom modes are okay, but I went with P.

I downloaded the fle to my desktop, then I chose to format the CF card and copied the extracted file to the root directory of the CF card. Followed the on camera instructions, went exactly as described. I then shut off the camera and removed the battery and the CF card for 30 seconds before reinstalling and turning back on. I did not set the date, time or other settings until after I restarted the camera, 30 seconds later... It prompts you to set it before you shut it off, but I decided to shut it off first and it came right back up after the restart.

One other thing to note, I set my Auto Off feature to 2 minutes before I did the firmware update... just in case... I normally have it set on 2 minutes anyway, but that's what I did and it went super smooth and I haven't experienced any anomalies as of this post... I'll be shooting more this afternoon, likely several hundred more clicks...

All the best!

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