Is an FX sensor really $1500 more expensive to produce than a DX sensor?

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Re: Is an FX sensor really $1500 more expensive to produce than a DX sensor?

Retzius wrote:

That very interesting, and if true, I find it even more amazing that Nikon hasn't embraced DX with open arms.

What makes you think they didn't? It just appears that they have a different view on the target market as some people think it should be. (Based on the lack of a D400 coming..)

If they had taken advantage of the almost universal love the d200-d300s has been shown and developed a mature DX lens lineup with primes and zooms that were smaller and matched the quality of their FX equivalents they would be sitting pretty in the marketplace.

Of course for the group of people waiting for a DX pro camera and lenses, it seems like a bad move, but Nikon is in the business of making money and they seems to think that that market that -really- needs DX pro is too small to develop and market for instance a DX pro lens line.. Keep in mind that at the time of the D200, FX wasn't a mainstream/more affordable as it is today.

Think of it this way, how many D300/D400 users -really-really- need that class of camera:

-part of the D300 group just want the best IQ for that price segment and will probably get a entry level FX camera for the same price.

-part of the D300 group will be more then happy with a D7000 because the lsmaller buffer and slower AF is not what will make them get less keepers

-part of the DX pro lens buyers is more then happy with the 24-70/70-200 and do not (really) need the DX equivalents. (I for instance love the 24-70 on a D7000 for studio portraits for example), the 70-200 is suberb outside simply too long for flexible indoor use (as would a 50-150mm DX equiv be for us).

I guess they estimate that it leaves a (too) small a group that really needs a 1.5x crop camera with more advanced AF, higher FPS and large buffer.

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