Any FD 24mm 2.8 users out there?

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Alupang Senior Member • Posts: 2,839
Re: The FDn 24mm f/2

fermy wrote:

Sure. I'd like to see comparison of FD 24/f2 v Zeiss, my guess is that it will be a close call...

No way...I bet the FDn 24mm f2 would destroy the Zeiss at every aperture but especially f2 and f2.8. The Zeiss is soft in the corners and has CA issues from what I understand.

Stopped down though, I like what I see from the Zeiss. But the FDn stopped down is unbelievably great so nevermind.

This is the FDn 24mm f2 wide open f2 focused lower right. No way the Zeiss could do this.

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