Amazed by 5D MKIII

Started Aug 23, 2012 | Discussions thread
HarryLally Senior Member • Posts: 2,439
Re: Amazed by 5D MKIII

I don't have the 5D3 but I have the 5D2 which has near enough the same sensor. The 17-40 f4L is my favourite lens on the 5D2; I love its superb colour and microcontrast. I find the sensor in the 5D2 rather contrasty and when it's combined with a very contrasty lens such as the 35 f1.4L produces very 'gritty' images - great for PJ work and low light, but the 17-40 is a better all-round fit with the 5D2, even if it's soft in the corners at wide apertures from 17-20mm.


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