Question for Pentax experts regarding lenses

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Re: Question for Pentax experts regarding lenses

pentaxination wrote:

The K5 will be used for urban and nautical landscapes, black & white only with a degree of HDR.

Then you probably want wide angle lenses, at least 20-24 mm. or wider. If you can afford it, I highly recommend the FA 20 F2.8. The A 20 F2.8 has, I believe, the same optical formula and will be less expensive. The FA 24 F2 is a variable performer, but can give excellent results sometimes.

The old K15 F3.5 AL was pretty good for its day. The A version was not quite as sharp. It will be hard to find, and perhaps expensive.

For a less expensive modern lens, Sigma's 20 F1.8 gives nice results, but is prone to flare.

If you can, consider springing for the DA 21. When I travel, it is my basic lens.


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