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Off camera flash

I use the JJC MSA-10 to get a hotshoe. The Skyport then simply attaches to that as per any normal hotshoe. I expect any radio trigger to work though - I used those because I have them already available. The Skyport receiver then just connects to the PC port on the SB-26. I use it in a competely manual way as I'm most comfortable using external flashes that way.

I've since got a bracket which allows me to mount both the flash and nex5, rather than freeholding one in each hand...

One thing to note though: I have the NEX-5 and the MSA-10 does trigger the flash but the NEX-5 doesnt detect a flash is attached and doesn't allow any screen brightness adjustment when using large f-stops. I.e. the screen will be almost black. Using either the Sel1855 or sel50 I noticed that when half pressing the shutter the screen will brighten for a brief moment allowing me to frame correctly.

There's a long thread about it on this forum so I won't repeat here (search for MSA-10).

If you have a NEX5n then I belive this won't be a problem as it allows the screen brightness to be adjusted - I don't have one to confirm though.

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