'Bending' the E-M5 RAW in LR

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Re: This may be it...

dcassat wrote:

This reasoning does make sense to me. I've been working with Lightroom for about a year but 4.1 only since June. In combination I now have an E-M5. The E-M5 files are already very good as shadow recovery is a cinch and highlight recovery is automatic. But it is the contrast and 'body' of the shot that I haven't mastered the control of yet. I've recently been working from the tone curve to adjust the mid tones in hope that it would help reduce the 'flatness' as the contrast by itself doesn't seem to address the issue. Pushing and pulling sliders hasn't been enough for the granular control that I'm looking for.

Have a look at the second video in the series Chris R-UK posted earlier in this thread, here:

The guy talks about how to get more contrast out of LR 4.1. He shows how increasing Exposure brightens the mid range, adding some unwanted 'flattening' to some images. He suggests using a default of -1.00 for Exposure and brightening the image by setting the White Point, first, in images where you're concerned about losing contrast in the mid-tones.

Good video - I found it very informative.

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