'Bending' the E-M5 RAW in LR

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Re: This also sounds possible

knickerhawk wrote:

dcassat wrote:

Thanks, this also makes sense to me. While it may not be the answer, I like the concept.

I suspect that it's at least part of the answer. The wider the DR, the flatter the image, which is sort of the opposite of what people expect to happen. The "symptoms" you're describing sound a lot like that.

Yes, I had exactly this discussion some weeks ago with a poster who was claiming that the images out of the E-M5 looked 'flat' compared to whatever Panasonic model he used.

Try as I might, I was unable to explain to him that the flatter tone curve on the E-M5 is there due to more DR, and that all one has to do is 'steepen' an E-M5 image's tone curve to reach the same 'pop' that he was used to from his Panasonics. The point is, on a camera with less DR, you can't stretch the tone curve out any more, because nothing's out there to stretch to, but on a camera with more DR, you can steepen the curve and slide it left or right - you end up with as much pop, but have more room on both sides to recover poorly-exposed data.*

*This is my 'common sense' deduction - it'd be great to hear from someone who knows whether this deduction is on target or not.

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