The Capture Date Rule

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El Crapio
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Re: The Capture Date Rule

RaptorUK wrote:

El Crapio wrote:

Too much trouble for a photo challenge. Plus it can't work properly for all types of photography. Imagine trying to do something similar on street photography.

I can image that very easily.

You'd become too obvious, in my opinion. Street photography is hard enough as it is; no need to make people around you feel more awkward than they have to.

Lastly, it too can be faked... Just take a photo with a blank paper and you can paste whatever code you want on it. With just a little skill in photoshop it will be difficult to tell if it's fake or not.

It's a little more effort that just faking the EXIF. Perhaps you should give it a go to demonstrate how easy it is, let us know how long it takes you.

Of course it's more effort, I didn't say otherwise. It can be faked though. If you make people go through the trouble to shoot a separate photo with a piece of paper, that piece of paper might as well be blank. I'm not saying it's ineffective though... just saying that's it's mostly effective for old shots when people didn't bother to shoot a proof shot.

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