Paintshop Pro X4 sale at Newegg: $10 after rebate

Started Aug 21, 2012 | Discussions thread
fuego6 Senior Member • Posts: 2,213
Why spend $600?

jezsik wrote:

Or have you found a product superior to PaintShop that is cheaper than Photoshop? Do tell!

Tell Indeed! Try Zoner Photo Studio 14... I think you'll find it with a lot less bloatware and all the functionality... and the regular version is free so cheaper indeed!

If you are referring to $600 for Photoshop... no - I wouldn't spend that much on that product... though I do believe it is a superior product to PSP. PSP used to be a great product when JASC owned it... like most everything that Corel touches - they bloated it into a rival for Elements instead. I would prefer to use ACDsee Pro products instead of PSP... just my thoughts - no need to listen to em!

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