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Re: GF5

Spade357 wrote:

igorek7 wrote:
Similarly, it's among the top selling mirrorless cameras in France:

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Edgar Matias wrote:

Spade357 wrote:

The GF5 is a failed attempt by Panasonic IMO. I don't think its selling well right now. Fry's Electronics (local store) is selling it for $399 right now.

Well, it's the top selling mirrorless camera on Amazon Japan...

Considering how trashed the US economy is right now, perhaps they made the right call, designing for their home market.

Top selling doesn't mean its performance is good. Its selling for dirt cheap so people buy them. I bet half of those are being returned.

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Why all the misinformation? If you bothered to check the GF5 the hottest mirrorless camera in Japan is selling for over $950! It is selling not only because its performance is very good, just as fast AF as EM5, has an inbody flash, and is smallest with the pancake Xzoom lens and a very good compliment to a DSLR and the fairer sex like it. While the GF5 series has not done well in US due to poor marketing and availability worldwide during the last half year the GF3/GF5 sales probably have equalled that of any mirrorless camera. It is the year old GF3 which has been selling at a bargain not the new GF5.

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