Changes in the XZ-2

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Re: Changes in the XZ-2

rpm40 wrote:

I would guess the xz-2 will be an evolutionary update. If I had to take a stab at it:

  • New sensor (maybe sony), but same 1/1.7 size.

  • Better video quality

  • Add a customizable button on the back (so you can set it to iso, or AE lock)

  • Customizable noise reduction for jpegs

-add a subtle finger grip like on the s100
-faster continuous shooting at full resolution
-I'd like it to go to 24mm wide, but I'm skeptical on that one

I'm with you on this. The two things I'm curious about are sensor size, I.e., whether it will be the same smaller version as the new LX7, and viewfinder - will they add one into the body. I doubt it because then they'd have to raise the price or take a smaller margin, but I hope I'm wrong. I'm guessing they will use the same new sensor as LX7.

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