Fuji x-pro 1 focus issues (not parallex)

Started Aug 19, 2012 | Discussions thread
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Re: Just checking but...

57even wrote:

Do you have the latest FW in both lenses and body?

This fixed a number of issues I had with background focus.

I almost never have any issues now, but be warned - CDAF does not like horizontal lines (if all the detail is horizontal try twising the camera to 45 degrees as you focus)

and does not (unlike SLRS) focus on edges. As others have said for accurate wide open focus you should move the focus point.

I am at about 1% OOF now, down from around 10% with the original FW.

Sorry new owners question (I did search through the owners manual btw), but how does one check the current firmware of the body and lens?

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