LR vs PS-CS6

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Re: LR vs PS-CS6

Fotoloco wrote:

I have PS- CS5 on a MBP and plan to upgrade to 6 soon.

I also have a company provided PC laptop and permission to load either LR or CS6 on it.

I can get LR for $150 and the 6 upgrade for $150 OR I can get the new subscription to CS6 (and any future upgrades) for $20/month and install it on both machines. It is a little more expensive to to the subscription, but if you consider the cost of initially buying the LR, buying the 6 upgrade, and then continually upgrading both every couple years, the cost of the subscription is not that much more.

Cost to upgrade 6 n Mac and buy full version for PC is prohibitive.

I am under the impression that LR is just a really nice PS light that does not include all features of PS (like layers which I use a lot). If that is the case, I will lean towards the subscription and not have to deal with learning LR (or does it interface exactly like PS but with just certain features disabled). OR is there some added functionality that LR has that is not contained in PS that makes it worthwhile to have in addition to PS.

Hopefully the questions make sense.

The LR is great if you don't have PS CS5/6. But if you have PS CS5/6, then it seems kinda useless except for its organizing ability. As for CS6, no, just no. There's not much improvement from CS5 to justify its cost.

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