Is this normal with TG-1 (or any underwater camera)

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Condensation is expected and preventable.

msmeee wrote:

Sometime during a boat trip, I noticed condensation under the lens glass [not the lens, just the glass cover to the lens in the camera housing]. I held the camera in the sun for a few minutes and the condensation disappeared. Photos are fine other than the ones I took before i noticed the condensation. Is this normal or do you think the camera is not water tight? The camera had not been underwater since purchase.

Hi msmee! All waterproof equipment suffers from this, if you allow moist warm air inside, and then cool the body below the dew point.

To prevent it from happening, you need to make sure that the air inside the camera is dry. One way to do this, is to leave the camera with an open battery door facing an outlet of an air conditioner, for an hour or so before you dive. (Doesn't have to be immediately before the dive - once the air is dry, it will stay dry as long as the battery door is closed).

Hope this helps!


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