Left AF Issue - There is hope - Just got my new D800E

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Re: Left AF Issue - There is hope - Just got my new D800E

Hey guys, just bought a D800 here in Canada 3 days ago (visiting Calgary Alberta so saved myself the 7% PST in BC).

SN 5005xxx. Right and left focus seem pretty equivalent to me when tested wide open with my:
Tokina 28-70/2.8
Nikkor 35/2
Nikor 50/1.4

So far very happy with what I'm seeing :-). Travelling with an older model MacBook Pro Core2Duo 2.6 - processing RAW on LightRoom bringing this computer to its knees :-).

Couple other things I noticed:

  • battery life not as good as D300 - got about 500 shots with my 1st charge with lots of chimping and menu settings - should improve as I get more comfortable with the machine

  • a Duracell Photo Pro Class 10 64GB SDXC card caused too many ERR issues. Bought 32GB SanDisk Extreme Pro SDHC and all's good. No problem with the 8GB Lexar 300X CF or Sandisk Extreme III CF.

  • Very minimal rattling of the pop-up flash when camera shook.

Not that it makes a huge difference but it'd be nice to get better SD compatability. I wonder if the Duracell would work fine if speed gets throttled down a little - would be interesting if a menu option for this might do the job...

Happy shooting all!

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