Question for Pentax experts regarding lenses

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Re: Question for Pentax experts regarding lenses

very helpful thoughts and advice.


andy amos wrote:

Any pentax-A lens is a great start as they have the automatic aperture coupling that makes life a bit easier. Actually, one of the great things about Pentax Digital SLRs is the backwards compatability with legacy lenses. Welcome to the exclusive club! Oh, and a really excellent way to get into the world of primes!

The 50mm range being the standard lenses for their time would be a logical start. I own the F1.7 version and find it on my back-up body more and more. Only thing I found was that filters really do hamper it, even good ones! So filters off and reap the benifits of shallow depth of field for a fraction of the price of AF lenses! Nothing wrong with the F2 verison either, quite a bargain.

Also- I used to almost live with a 28mm F2.8 on my film cameras but its just not the same on digital. A mixture of perspective / depth of field, its not the same.

On the other hand, my 135 F2.8 started off rejected but actually is growin on me with its narrow DOF.

Only problem might be finding the lenses as being so compatible, they do tend to go quick!
Godd luck!

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