Something to consider if buying an Epson printer...

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Something to consider if buying an Epson printer...

Yesterday I contacted Epson Europe to see about getting my R2400 serviced, I can't get a clear nozzle check. I don't use Epson ink. They will not service the printer unless I buy and install a set of genuine carts!

It was an online chat session and here is the transcript (with the name of the Epson guy hidden and my name changed to "Me")

11:36:34 : Connected to

11:36:34 : Session ID: 1327288

11:36:34 : Me: Initial Question/Comment: I have an R2400 printer and can't get a clear nozzle check. I'm wondering if it needs a service. Please can you give me (or email me) contact details for approved servicing in Xxxxxxx UK. thanks Me

11:36:39 : System: Epson rep has joined this session!

11:36:39 : Epson rep: Thank you for contacting Epson's UK Customer Interaction Centre. My name is Epson rep

11:37:25 : Me: hi

11:37:54 : Epson rep: Hi Me. One moment please.

11:39:29 : Epson rep: We offer a fixed price repair service directly from ourselves for this printer. Are you using Epson inks?

11:40:58 : Me: Not at present. Does that matter?

11:41:55 : Epson rep: Yes we would need Epson inks in the printer to carry out a service, has the printer been modified in any way, such as a continuous ink system?

11:43:48 : Me: It's not been modified. Why would I need epson ink if the printer is going to be cleaned? - that's a substantial cost to me!

11:45:10 : Epson rep: For a engineer to fully service the printer and ensure the printer functions correctly we would need Epson inks installed as we cannot guarantee the use of non genuine inks.

11:51:29 : Me: Can we come to some compromise here maybe? I'm fairly confident the ink is ok - Jon Cone ink - and the printer has been working fine with it until this last few days. Would it be possible for Epson to carry out the normal servicing and if a clear nozzle check still did not result, then I would accept that (and pay the fixed price of course).

11:57:21 : Epson rep: Ok we would need to diagnose there is a fault with the printer by having the Epson ink cartridges installed as this is part of diagnostics

11:58:01 : Epson rep: We can't carry out the service without the Epson inks installed first

12:01:06 : Me: That's rather restrictive. What part of the servicing needs epson ink rather than any other ink, please?

12:04:42 : Epson rep: Having the Epson inks will help diagnose the issue, Epson inks contain cleaning agents to help unblock the nozzles in the print head

12:05:02 : Epson rep: Epson cannot guarantee the viscosity of non-genuine Epson ink as it may be thicker and over a period of time this may cause the fine nozzles in the print head to become blocked which could cause possible head damage.

12:11:58 : Me: I appreciate epson can't speak for other people's ink, but I'm not asking you to guarantee anything. I just want it cleaned. Please can you give me the fixed price amount and let me contact whoever does the servicing.

12:13:58 : Epson rep: We would book this for you but would need to run through full diagnostics first of all by having the Epson inks installed. You can try contacting Equinox service centre to see if they can provide a service for you on 01684 853116.

12:20:52 : Me: Thanks for the phone no. Re. insistence on epson ink for epson servicing, please can you escalate this to an epson customer relations manager. I have paid for a custom colour profile for my ink, so putting epson ink in is likely to mess things up. It is very restrictive of you to refuse servicing just because the ink is not epson. I don't have approx £100 just lying around to spend on ink I don't need or want. You haven't given any valid reason why you can't service it with my ink (or no ink at all if you can use flush fluid. Please record this as a complaint.

12:29:49 : Epson rep: I have spoken with my supervisor and I would recommend contacting Equinox directly as we do not encourage the use of non genuine or services with the non genuine ink cartridges

12:33:13 : Me: I'd still like this raised as a complaint please, on the grounds that it is an unfairly restrictive policy. If I took my car for service at the dealer, having put someone else's tyres on it, I would not expect them to refuse to service it. Do you have a problem logging this as a complaint?

12:35:35 : Epson rep: I have passed on your comments and my supervisor is fully aware of the situation however this does not change the service that we provide

12:40:15 : Me: Or to be precise, the service you don't provide. I think that wraps it up. Very disappointing. Bye.
--- end ---

Out of interest, does anyone know if it's the same for the big floor-standing commercial printers?

Andrew, UK

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