D800 - flash mode settings, please help

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Re: D800 - flash mode settings, please help

tyoung wrote:

Valentin Hertz wrote:

Thanks Tom. I think you hit the point...So you are saying that once I set all my 4 remote flashes to remote from the switch that reads on/off/remote/master, then it won't matter what flash mode I'm into @ remotes, that is TTL/M/GN, correct? This is the part I'm not sure of, also when would that matter, care to give an example please?

Sorry for the late reply. Yes, with the external flash heads set to "Remote", control of their basic settings, TTL, Manual power level, etc. is all handled by the Master (D800).

If two flash heads occupy Group A and the other two occupy Group B, then both units in group A will fire at whichever settings that you've selected for that group and both units in Group B will fire at the settings made for that group. If you want to have a remote flash fire at yet a different setting, it will have to be moved to Group C.

In short, all flash units occupying any single group will share the same basic settings.

Usually, when the remote flash heads are stationary, setting them at a given Manual power setting will yield the most consistent results. If any of them are are set to TTL, be very careful to keep those units from being visible in your shots or they'll play hell with your exposures.

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Thanks Tom for your time. I got it all now, and yes I did suffer a bit seeing what TTL can do to your photo. Rarely use that in my studio.

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