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Re: FZ200 - Fantastic

John Miles wrote:

I have seen enough to realise that the FZ200 is a world beating iteration of the bridge camera design.

The crisp long end and wide aperture are together an awesome combination, testament to which will be a photo at some point of the FZ200 at full zoom with the monster DSLR set up needed to ace it in IQ terms sitting beside it. These games were played out with earlier superzoom offerings, but now it is getting serious.

I think with this camera the tables have turned; a hugely significant step. From here on people will no longer have to justify 'stooping' to a bridge camera. Instead we will hear, perhaps, the DSLR buyer compelled to justify forking out on, and lugging around, the huge DSLR setup.

Ultimately here the full frame DSLR vanishes into the diminished world of the professional photographer, where in turn it will become more competitive with the medium format camera.

The FZ200 is a landmark nail in the coffin for the domestic DSLR.

The FZ200 does look a promising camera but as with all bridge cameras it won't beat a DSLR for IQ for many reasons. The sensor is smaller which equals much more noise, the fast 2.8 Aperture on the FZ200 is the equivelant I believe to be F10 on a zoom lens on a DSLR.

I do believe it'll offer pretty decent image quality and a lot of flexibility and will satisfy the needs for a lot of enthusiasts. Do I see professional or semi professional photographers using one instead of a DSLR? I very much doubt it. There is also more to a DSLR than just IQ there is performance and as we all know the performance levels of a bridge camera are no where near the same level as a DSLR.

I did buy the Panasonic FZ100 when it was first released but it really didn't live up to what I wanted when it come to image quality compared to my DSLR. However I am still looking for a Bridge camera so I can take out on family days out when I want to travel light. I just hope the IQ of the FZ200 is far superior to the FZ100 which I found to be well below par, even for a bridge camera.

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