How is this for a first studio shot?

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Re: How is this for a first studio shot?

For a 1st attempt I'd say you're getting the hang of this quite well...!

5 lights is a few for a first studio attempt - but to be honest I'd be using at least 4 and I can see where the 5th would come in handy... Certainly start with 1 for a first attempt, unless you can confidently handle more and understand the principles.


1) Looks a little red / magenta so you might want to look at your monitor calibration.

2) Subject's right hand has an uneven exposure compared to the rest of the shot. I suspect it's caught some unintended overspill from a light.

3) Your subject needs a suit that fits...! Unless that is the wrinkled look you're after. (I once did a shot where the model had a badly fitting shirt with a stain on it - so I spent forever explaining to people that this was intentionional).

4) Subject could have a stronger jaw line with a little careful posing (check out tutorials on pushing the chin forward) - again unless this is the pose you were going for particularly.

Good first attempt - I've seen worse from seasoned pros...


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