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Re: RX100 in-camera HDR

For my money, HDR always looks like, well, HDR. Even when tastefully done, like your examples, it looks somewhat surreal and a bit flat.

To me, standard non-HDR exposures are like NYC. In New York, we have seasons. We have grit. We have murky shadows. HDR is more like L.A. Always hot and sunny, hot and sunny! (Bill Hicks). Everything is lit up. There's no mystery.

HDR might be the future of how we see photography, with sensors getting bigger and DR wider. But for now, HDR goes against everything we've come to expect in a standard exposure from a basic camera. We have been trained for the past 100+ years to see a photograph on film's terms...the deepest shadows are generally black and the brightest highlights are generally white. HDR may have range, but it doesn't really feel dynamic.

Much like the backlash from Peter Jackson's decision to shoot the Hobbit at 48fps, I don't think the world is quite ready to see all photography in HDR.

Of the 3 images you posted, the first is by far the most engaging and inviting IMO. The other 2 are very analytical and sterile by comparison.

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