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I'll give you the alternate take on that:

How good are you at using card recovery software?

Though I have had cards corrupt four or five times over the years, I have been able to recover every one of the cleanly, never losing more than 2 or 3 shots per card. So since going digital in 2003, I'd estimate I've lost at most 15 total shots to card corruption.

On the other hand, at times that I was using a single card slot body, I am sure that I lost more than 15 shots over the years due to switching cards . In my experience switching cards is a greater loss of shots than the occasional corrupt yet recoverable card. That is why I choose to use overflow.

Of course the ultimate setting would be the one they don't offer, which would be to do the RAW/JPEG slot split plus overflow at the same time... basically all it would need to do is give you a "change cards NOW" message flashing in your image review screen to remind you that your JPEG slot had rolled into overflow+JPEG mode, and then you could remember to change cards and thus avert both major potential shot loss scenarios.

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