After five years, need new monitor; lots of "basic"questions

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After five years, need new monitor; lots of "basic"questions

My Dell 2007WFP seems to be failing. People on a different forum think that the power supply is probably failing, based on the description of how this monitor stops working. And no, I'm not a whiz with a soldering iron, so that I can remove the failing parts and install replacements. So I'm going to need a new monitor, even though I wasn't planning to buy one anytime soon. So I'm completely out of date on monitor technologies, pricing, competitors, etc.

I do my serious photo work with Photoshop CS 6 or Lightroom. Aside from these apps, my system is fairly standard. Win 7 Pro 64-bit, Office 2010 64-bit, Quicken, Firefox, etc. I do a lot of PowerPoint for my job, but that's all "business graphics." My questions are based on what was "true" in 2007.

  • Are the "best" monitors for photo editing still based on IPS panels?

  • Do I still need to spend about $1000 for a really good 20" or 24" IPS monitor?

  • I was doing some quick browsing on the Dell website last night, and I saw monitors that I thought were IPS, but cost

  • Based on a different thread in this forum, when I upgrade my PC, I will get a video card thatsupports 10-bit color. Can all monitors support 10-bit color, or is 8-bit depth still the default? Will 10-bit color depth add a lot to the purchase price.

  • Which vendors/products should I consider, assuming that I want to spend no more than say $500 for a 20/22/24" monitor? (Is this a realistic budget?)

  • Aside from dpreview, what are the best sites for reading "intelligent" reviews?

Thanks in advance for reading and answering these noob-ish questions.

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