Oly 14-54mm works with E5 but not with E3 or other models???

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Re: Oly 14-54mm works with E5 but not with E3 or other models???

caver3d wrote:

quallsphoto wrote:

Have anyone ever encountered an Olympus 14-54mm f/2.8-3.5 Series I lens that worked perfectly with an E-5 body, but would not focus when mounted on older Olympus cameras?

I had an older 14-54mm zoom lens with focus issues. It would not consistently focus in autofocus nor manual mode. I often had to zoom all the way out, zoom back in, and then try to refocus, to get a lock on a subject. This consistently erratic behavior occurred during tests with 4 camera bodies: E-3, E-1, E-520, and E-500. Because of the focus issue, the spare lens hadn't been used in 2+ years, and I finally sold it last week.

The person that bought the "malfunctioning" lens mounted it on a new E-5 body . . . and reports that it FOCUSES PERFECTLY! At first, she was afraid that I had accidentally given her the wrong lens.

Has anyone experienced this with the 14-54mm Series I lens? Any guesses why it focuses fine on the E-5 body but not on an E-3 or other Oly bodies?? I understand the CDAF vs PDAF issues with micro-4/3 bodies, but what could have occurred here?


That makes no sense whatsoever. I have my 14-54mm Mark I lens mounted on my E-620 and it works perfectly. Never a problem. And it should never be a problem with any of these cameras.


Everyone, I appreciate your quick responses. I have several other Olympus lenses, including 2nd 14-54mm Series 1 lens that works flawlessly on all my bodies. That is why I sold this one as "malfunctioning". . . She is happy, but I confused . . . Of course, the buyer could be making this up, but I cannot fathom why. I wanted to make sure I was not overlooking anything.



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