Left AF Issue - There is hope - Just got my new D800E

Started Aug 21, 2012 | Discussions thread
aut0maticdan Senior Member • Posts: 1,244
initial results look very good

I've only tested the far 3 left and far 3 right plus the center focus points, but everything looks great. Very little, if any, AF fine tuning needed.

So far, I've tested the 24-70 @24 & 50, the 50/1.4G and the 85/1.4G. On my previous unit, it was very far off (> -20) on the far left 3 + far/top left focus points vs -2 in the center and right. The 24-70 was particularly bad. I still have the 14-24 to check out, but I can't imagine it being very far off.

Super happy. With all the people still having trouble after 5-10 units and my bad one, I was starting to believe a fully functional d800 was a myth.

Serial number: 3037xxx

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