Canon 24-105 L Sharpness Issue?

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Re: focusing..

Kevin Cabral wrote:

So you're saying that to get the trees and my cousin in focus I'd have to use the center AF point on his eye and then recompose the image after it locks focus?

I do not recompose after focusing with my 30D because there is always a chance of missing the focus. I focus and recompose with my leica M9 because the focus doesn't change. You could focus and recompose with dslr may be by manual focusing but I dont do that. What I meant is if its a landscape shot, then always focus one third into the scene. Compose in the viewfinder, then focus at some point at one third of the scene. Then the picture will be focused from edge to edge. It does not really matter which focus point you choose and as it will depend upon the scene also.

As an example in this picture; first I composed, thenI focused somewhere between the 2nd and 3rd solid bars in this picture ( one third of the scene). I could have chosen any focusing point whichever comes in between the 2nd and 3rd solid bars. This was taken with 24-105mm at 24mm. It had very minimal distortion which was taken care by the lens profile correction of CS5. Hope that helps.

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