RX100: For Pocket,Belt or else?

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Re: Carry $650 in a pocket?

If $650 would break your bank then maybe it shouldn't be in your pocket. Me: My smartphone costs about the same andi its in my pocket too.

BTW: I boought thru Sony style and got a free 2ys accidental insurance policy--given after my purchase thanks t a tip from a poster here.


Cy Cheze wrote:

That's a lot of cash to carry around. Cash or cards might get stolen, but will at least survive a fall or endure pocket lint. Paper money and credit cards usually survive immersion too. A camera, on the other hand, is at risk for all of the above.

"S" happens.

World class athletes fall, stumble, or goof up. Why not camera fans? Their precious RX100 has no crash helmet, seat belt, weather sealing, rubber grip, dust protection, or air bag. Its hand strap just might hook onto a key chain in the pocket and, when quick-drawn Dodge City style, slip out of control.

Well, in 12 months or less, the laws of Newton or Murphy will take their toll. Of course, by that time, there will be oodles of people anxious to pay another $650 to upgrade to the RX200, so what will they care about last year's obsession? It's only money. Spend, spend, spend.

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