Anyone own all the NEX E mount lenses?

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Re: Anyone own all the NEX E mount lenses?

DtEW wrote:

sean lancaster wrote:

DtEW wrote:

jandu wrote:

There is a Samyang 8mm Nex mount as well. Maybe not too many on the street, yet.

I don't think that figures into the definition of native, as the only difference between it any any number of adapted lenses is that you can't take the E-mount bayonet off.

For all modern mounts, a native lens is one in which aperture and auto focus is controlled by the camera.

No adapter is required to use the Rokinon/Samyang 8/2.8 and it's made for the NEX system (i.e., Rokinon 8mm f/2.8 UMC Fish-Eye Lens for Sony E-mount). I would call it a native e mount lens in this regard.

So if I replaced the bayonet on my lens with an aftermarket bayonet and added a label, it's now considered a native lens???

No, you're doing that. If the lens maker makes a lens specifically for a particular camera then I'd call that native.

The Rokinon/Samyang 8/2.8 is made for NEX system with an E-mount bayonet, but it is not a fully-native lens in consideration of the fact that the E-mount specs for fully electronic controls.

I'll concede that ideally a native modern lens would have full electronic controls. But I still think the Rokinon 8/2.8 is a native enough lens for a discussion like this.

Unrelated to the Rokinon topic, I have or have had most of the native lenses.

I have not had the 30 macro or the Sigma 19 and I haven't had any of the 18-200s, but I've owned every other emount.

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