1Ds MkIII star trails

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Re: 1Ds MkIII star trails

BTW how did you do this interesting "montage?"

In a 2.5 hours period all you could get is about one tenth of a full circle, assuming you could even get a 2.5 hours exposure (what camera will let you do that??? without being damaged by overheating ?)

To have perfect circles from the stars you would need a little more than 2 hours, right? Exactly 24 hours to be precise, for the earth to rotate and get back to its initial angular position with reference to the stars... And in a period of 24 hours there is something called "day" as opposed to "night" and, usually, during the "day" time it is rather difficult to see stars, let alone to photography them...

Unless of course you are in a place on the earth where there is a 24 hours night and that happens to be, at this time of the year, only in Antarctica... so unless you brought these nice trees with you somewhere in Antarctica (I had never seen trees there...) you must be quite good with Photoshop, your circles are well done, sorry I meant the stars "trajectories"... and incidentally I kind of doubt that you would enjoy being in Antarctica in the middle of winter.
I was amazed at how accurate your North star position was....
Well done,

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