Aussie Nanny Sate steals branding!

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Re: Aussie Nanny Sate steals branding!

Rriley wrote:
drh681 wrote:

and this is due to the success of their policies in handcuffing tobacco marketing, hiding tobacco products from view at POS, exorbitant taxation to raise prices, and harsh labelling laws. Things for which you OTOH disapprove of, then are too stupid to recognise are the cause of the weakened tobacco market.

Still that wont account for times when tobacco products moved about the market more freely with a wider customer base, and those are the people that we now see dying.

It's more about intensified education, and the unrelenting hatred from former smokers.
It's the "quitters" that get the laws passed.
Photons by the bag.
Gravitons no longer shipped outside US or Canada

if I mock you, it may be well deserved.

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