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The Jacal wrote:

dcdigitalphoto wrote:

Why would you make a camera the size and shape and weight of a DSLR then stick a tiny sensor in it?

It's a lot smaller, nice ergonomic DSLR shape, hence the 'Bridge' designation and it's a hell of a lot smaller. Not to mention cheaper.

It's a whole 55g lighter than a K30 (595g vs 650g). Dimensions are 130 x 97 x 71 mm for the K30 vs 119 x 86 x 107 mm for this camera so it is a fair bit smaller, but it's not "small".

You put up with a DSLR sized camera for the interchangeable lens capability and the image quality. This has neither. Any zoom lens with that range is going to be compromised at either end and image quality will suffer. The ability to resolve that many pixels on a tiny sensor is pretty much impossible too. All that will happen is you'll have lots of wasted pixels and lots more noise.

Sigh . This is not a replacement for a DSLR; it's for a different market.

Sigh back it you I didn't imply it was a DSLR replacement, I questioned the benefit of putting a compact sensor into a SLR type body. A SLR is that size and shape to hold the necessary mechanical components (prism, mirror box, flange to sensor distance for the sensor size, etc) whereas this camera has none of those requirements so the only reason to make SLR like is familiarity - you could argue ergonomics, but again there better ergonomics for handheld devices when you remove the constraints of the SLR shape. Then I questioned the benefit of putting that many pixels in a tiny sensor.

Bizarre move.

Not really.

Perhaps not a bizarre move in the context of the market where everyone is essentially copying each other.

Very nice portfolio

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