Just posted: Our Canon EOS 650D/T4i review

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Re: Just posted: Our Canon EOS 650D/T4i review

DSHAPK wrote:

I'm not posting anything else although I could post the Raws, but why bother. Those crops mirror my computer monitor when viewing the raw files at 100%.

You can take away what you want from those shots. Dpreview as much as I respect their work, doesn't jive with what I've done with an hour of my time.

Amen.... Forum posters tend to be the most hardcore people and sort of skew what people read. In the two months that Canon has had the T4i out there we know at least 22,000 were sold because that's how many bodies were affected by the recall. There aren't 22k people posting to this thread.

I would say the majority of actual users take their photos in jpg form and the majority will look at IQ in the same way DSHAPK did..... Grab both cameras snap some identical JPGs (RAW if they're realy feeling pro) and do a little pixel peeping side by side on a 22" LCD.

No it may not be as "professional" of a test as DPreview but it's certainly representative of a Real World test as used by the majority of the Rebel buyers out there....Quit slamming the guy.

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