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My wife has used Groupon and another local clone here for some time. When she first started, I explained my "get what you pay for" concern to her, but her experience has actually been much different.

From what I could tell Groupon (or whoever) had actually done a good job explaining to the merchants that this was an opportunity to build a client list, not a way to hook 'em for more. Only a couple have really pushed for an up-sell, the rest have taken the deal as-is, and simply made sure she was aware of their regular prices. She's actually found more than a few service vendors that she now uses on a regular basis through these deal sites.

One of them, a beauty salon, has, in fact, taken it to a whole new level using text messaging. They collected text information from customers, (voluntarily only, they don't spam) Once or twice a day, they send out a short text that just tells about any last minute (due to cancellations probably) appointments available that morning or afternoon, listing a discount price for each. First one that calls gets the appointment.

Their stylists love it because they get to keep full appointment calendars, the customers love it because they get cut rates, and the shop has built a heck of a following.

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