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Re: Z-990 problem

Thanks for the tips.

I have checked the camera over as far as I can see from the outside.

I did notice that there is some kind of switch or reset just to the left of the SD card slot. It is on the body side of the battery compartment. The door itself has a protrusion (?) that when closed I think depresses this button???

Any way the camera is still dead.

My plan is to keep looking for a z-990 that has been mechanical damaged (drop?) that I can practice taking apart and also maybe find a part to fix mine. After buying mine cheap, sending it to a repair shop at $118 +shipping both ways for just an evaluation is out of the realm of being practical.

Back in 2001/2002 Olympus came out with the classic-2100uz (UZI). They encountered a run of cameras starting with a certain serial number that had a very similar problem. It was refereed to as "Sudden Death Syndrome". It was traced to under performing fuse-resistors in the power supply. Cameras still in warranty were fixed by Olympus, others found their way to Ebay. I have bought a few of them for their other parts that are no longer available.

Wonder id Kodak has this problem? Be interested to find if others have the same problem.

Again, thanks for the replies.

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