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Re: But 'suck' is a little strong!

I think you meant E-Px? I love my GX1 and cannot settle for less now! I see now that E-Px, E-PLx aren't viable options for me due to its sensor... OMD is a bit out of budget right now, and I'm not sure it's worth the 2x cost. I think I'll stay with my pany. Very likely to get an Oly body for my brother though, esp since they're all the same sensor (except OMD). Learned a lot through this thread. Great thanks to everyone!

GregGory wrote:

dcassat wrote:

But 'suck' is a little strong!

Point taken, should have used the term 'apply vacuum'.

No, I couldn't say the output from my E-PL2 sucked. Actually it had a lot of character and was great to work with the RAW files from. There were two issues. If you buried the shadows in your exposure, you regretted it because it came up all noise and secondly, you had to be ever so careful not to blow the highlights - the DR of that sensor just isn't that great. But on well exposed images it did really well.

You're right of course, but considering the situation of the OP, I really find it unlikely he'll be satisfied with the IQ coming from a GX1.

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