Nikon P7700 - the Pro2?

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Re: Nikon P7700 - the Pro2?

mrsfixit wrote:

The lens quality and IQ remains to be seen.

The OP was touting this new model as a "Pro2", which I think is unlikely at best, considering past history. It's possible, sure, but nothing I'd bet anything I'd care to lose on. However, the proof will be in the pudding - no argument there.

I somehow doubt Nikon has made that much of a jump with this model.

Maybe, maybe not.

As a G11 owner, the Nikon offers me the same sized sensor, a flip out LCD, a faster lens, and longer zoom range than my G11.

I've owned a Pro1, G7 and G11 (stlll have the 1 and 11), and yes, the faster lens and extra zoom would have benefits vis-a-vis the G11. Again, no argument. The "paper specs" do look enticing.

The G11 (and G12, I believe) have horrid video modes that do not allow you to zoom or refocus while you're shooting. That makes the video all but useless on the Canon's AFAIC.

I always thought the video on the G11 was pretty good. But then again, I never considered zooming to be an issue, and refocusing with a small sensor isn't the issue it is with 4/3" sensors and larger. At least in my experience. YMMV.

If the Nikon has decent IQ and can give me decent video with zooming and refocusing I will buy one to replace my G11.

That's the big "if". Will the IQ be what it needs to be to compete in this sector of the market? So far, the P series has disappointed even comparing directly to the G series that it is supposed to run with. Comparing the P series to the raw IQ of a Pro1 is something of a bad joke.

If Canon won't give me what I want I'll be happy to jump ship to something better if that turns out to be the case.

That's the beauty of the free market. If another manufacturer makes a camera more suited to your personal needs, you have the ability to vote with your dollars.

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