Bald Eagle & Fish (Walleye)

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Re: Bald Eagle & Fish (Walleye)

krob78 wrote:

Hi Pete,

Yes, you did mention that and I didn't intend to imply that you had done anything different than what you said. I have a landscape photo that I took earlier this year that due to the lighting conditions, many thought I had done a ton of processing to it, when in fact it was also very close to what I was looking at when I snapped the frame...

I suppose it would have been less troubling for me to say that I had a similar type of photo subject (Bald Eagle) and due to the processing that I had to do, (it was under exposed), my resulting image had a similar feel to it as yours... not really close, but similar...

I also mentioned that I took mine at a similar time of day. If I had used in camera settings more closely set to yours, I think that I may have had an image that would have more closely matched the beautiful results that you have... That would more closely represent what I was thinking... I hope that clears my thought up a bit... I love the photo you took, regardless of the processing or lack of processing, you obviously are using in camera settings that reflect this marvelous look and feel that you've mastered... Your style is unique and well liked by many.

I think some make the comments they do, as most of us are not using the settings on our gear that result in similar images... again, yours are exceptional, though of course there will be some that prefer a more traditional look, yours have a place of high regard with me...

I did process mine a bit more in another rendition, resulting with something a bit closer to your original post than the one I loaded. I was trying to increase sharpness and gain exposure in post... resulting in a less satisfying image... the image wasn't really much of a keeper, but the results due to my need to try and correct the image were interesting to me. I'm liking the fact that you could get such a great image just with your in camera settings!

All the best!


Thanks for your comments and understand that I was not making an issue of the editing comments by you and others but rather to explain that images like mine do not need any extensive nor special PP. Obviously my gear plays an important role but beyond that it s all about the distance to the subject, exposure and the available light and I can't emphasize that more. What I've done in my wildlife images is to optimize everything I can control to produce the best IQ:

• I don't have a 500mm so I get closer with my 300mm, that alone reduces cropping.

• I rarely use TC's (I have them all 1.4-20III) as they reduce IQ, AF and shutter speed.
But I'm still maximizing the IQ and speed (f2.8) of my 300mm.

• I rarely go out to shoot in midday sun and prefer early to mid mornings & evenings. This enables the best possible light for the birds & wildlife I shoot. The exception would be cloudy overcast days which for me are the best for many kinds of wildlife as there are no shadows and the tonal & color depth is near perfect. The only issue now is exposure but again I shoot @ 2.8 which will give you the edge.

• Exposure: Even in early AM/PM I use - EV. - .7 to -2 but average @ -1.7. Why? Because of my experience with my particular cameras (Nikon D300S & D700).Others need to know understand the nuances of their camera and optimize it for the best possible captures.

There is no magic in getting great images but rather sticking to all the basics and the results will improve greatly. I'm certainly no expert but I know my work improves every day as long as I'm mindful of all the basics.



Shoot more, think less.

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