GX1 vs Oly

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Re: Slow down a bit...

I think I do need to slow down a bit, I tend to go crazy when I get into something.

I think the JPEG rendering and in-body IS of oly is what tempts me to cross over. Oly will always have IS, no matter which lens you use... whereas pany only has IS on their lenses. JPEG can be overcome by lightroom... but the convenience...

Don't take me wrong, I love my GX1. It takes fantastic photos, especially with the 20mm pancake.

But I can resell the body for near the same price I bought it, so I'm not stuck with it if Oly well def give me a better experience. Hence the dilemma.

pinnacle wrote:

The GX1 is a very nice camera and I recommend that you hang on for a while, enjoying what the GX1 can do.

From what I can see looking at many of the m43rds lens groups on Flickr, the GX1 is producing very nice images.

I would think more about possible lens acquisitions and fine tuning your skillet with the multitude of features that the GX1 has to offer.

Will I learn from life's lessons or will I lose my faith in the goodness life's promise had to offer?

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