Ricoh GRD4 vs. Sony DSC RX100

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Re: Ricoh GRD4 vs. Sony DSC RX100

Great shot Rube. Is it a camera JPG? I think once general RAW support arrives for this camera you can see if you can pull the clipped highlights in her hair back into range. The same thing is happening in my chicken image JPG, but the highlight detail is there in the RAW file..

From a discussion in the Sony forum about the ISO, it seems best to steer clear of the two lowest settings of 80 and 100 which you can see have lines above and below their numbers on the screen. These are apparently artificial ISO settings, and from what I can gather from my own tests they simply overexpose (about 1/3 to 1/2 stop) the base ISO of 125 and then process the image back to normal exposure, thus clipping the highlights. I have no idea what this is supposd to achieve. It's for ooc JPG results only as the RAW file remains sightly overexposed.

It' making me wonder now whether 'ISO-LO' on the GXR actually does the same thing...

PS. I have to second Matus about getting the Franiec grip. This camera really should have some sort of grip as standard as it's difficult to operate the controls and maintain a good grip on it one-handed at the same time.

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