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John Harrison
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Re: slow image preview and buggy zoom

Devendra wrote:

the pack seems to be good. i took about 500 shots yesterday and there is no dip in the bars. i haven't tested all sorts of battery combinations, but I did order the el18a ripoff, which seems to work quite well including 6fps in dx

my biggest gripe about the grip is

1. entire image review on lcd is super slow to move/scroll around the image when zoomed in. its sluggish and feels like reviewing images in d70/d200. super slow to move around corner to corner. Interestingly when I use camera body joystick, it works like it should. Strange behavior indeed.

2. the image review is partial at times (completely random). Basically the red preview area in the lcd is not what it shows up in the zoomed out area. For example if I am viewing a face in the shot and the small red square is on the face, the zoomed out area does not show the face! It shows some other limited part of the image. In this case it does not matter which joystick I use - the camera body or the battery pack. While chimping isn't good, but hey, whats the point of not being able to review the shot that we just took. Nothing seems to reset it back, except I have to loosen up the grip and put it back.

So far those are the only two issues i have observed

I have been using my grip for a while now, I have to say I have never come across these issues at all.

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