Sony RX100 filter adapters?

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Re: Jens Faerber's adapter ring.

Liz Z. wrote:

What I don't understand about Jens' setup is how it takes both 52mm and 43mm filters. Or are there two different setups, depending on which size filter you want to use?

If I receive anything from Jens other than a 52mm filter adapter, I'm going to be very disappointed. Here is what he wrote to me:

Thank you for your interest.
Yes, I do for an adapter ring for Sony RX100 make.

It can all filters (UV, Pol, Sky, Star, infrared etc.) with a diameter of 52 mm or
Macro lens Raynox DCR-150 or 250 record.

The adapter is easy with tools (tube) is bonded perfectly to the lens (with double adhesive tape).

It hinders anything - the lens can move freely and also turn off the camera poses no problem.
Price range: 29,50 €

Shipping (International) by certified mail costs 5.50 €
If you're happy with the price, I'll give you my PayPal account.
After receipt of the money part will be shipped immediately.
Of course, I need your mailing address.

It makes me wonder if there are different setups as well as different prices.

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