DSTE D800 Grip, the BEST

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Re: Lilien, at least one person says it has better build vs the Pixel

BTW here are the prices if you want to order the original Nikon made version and be able to use EN-EL18 battery:

-1xNikon BL-5 Battery Chamber Cover £24.99
1xNikon EN-EL18 Battery Pack £129.00
1xNikon MB-D12 Battery Grip for D800/800E £379.00
1xNikon MH-26 Battery Charger £299.00

At a total cost of a shocking £831

That's USD$1310
or in EURO: 1052 Euro

The DSTE piece is 1/10th the price
Saying it's "value" makes it a severe understatement.

Hawaii-geek wrote:
Lilien, at least one person says it has better build vs the Pixel
cannot remember who.

And Clicky-er ... if that is True, that's going to $uck for those early Meike and Pixel buyers , sorry.
But, it is still only one person. I would not call that confirmed.
And even if true, ALL the prices are very good


Lilien wrote:

Hawaii-geek wrote:

DSTE D800 GRIP , the BEST?

Quality wise I don't think so, but the DSTE grip seems to be a closer duplicate of the MB-D12, at least in the outer and inner physical dimension.

I've seen close up photos of the DSTE grip, which made me believe that the manufacturing quality is not on the same level as the Pixel grip. At least I hope so, because I ordered the Pixel grip (not delivered yet).


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