iPad Photosmith app, Lightroom plugin, and iPad filenames

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Re: iPad Photosmith app, Lightroom plugin, and iPad filenames

Abrak wrote:


Unfortunately you make your problem sound incredibly complicated.

As I understand it I think your problem is that Photosmith in your ipad is not recognizing your eye-fi SD card (in the first instance.) If this is the case make sure that....

1) You have followed all the instructions carefully
2) You have Photosmith open on your ipad

3) Under Services you have 'eye-fi' open (which presumably does not show a recognized SD card.)
4) You have LR on your PC connected to the same network as your ipad
5) You have your SD card in a USB port of your PC/MAC

6) You go to your installed photosmith plug-in on LR 'settings' 'edit' 'scroll down' and 'search' for your 'ipad'.

7) Now here is the important part. If that is 'successful' but you do not 'find' your SD card in the Photosmith app, you need to:
a) Exit LR and restart LR
b) Exit Photosmith (press icon until - appears) and restart.

And THEN your SD card will appear.

Thanks for your reply. I will try again whenI get off work this afternoon.

The reason I made it sound complicated I suppose is because the process IS complicated. Especially when I've seen instructions to install the Eye-FI app on the iPAd followed by advice to be sure NOT use it!

Simalarly I am instructed to follow instruction carefully in setting up the Eye-FI Center on the PC but then to turn it and the Helper off?

I think I may try to start over as I think the PC install died in midstream when my card became unrecgognized. I never got to steps where I've seen mention of instructions to put the card in the camera and take some picture Just for Fun. The process had stopped and the PC warned that it did not recognize the card and upon reinsertion it said it needed to be formatted.

Remember that I said I saw two problems: 1) is that my camera tries to connect to the Eye-FI Card diect network SSID then stops saying NO Connection and 2) that PhotoSmith won't show me the card's key for selection.

If no one else has experience such things then I have no problem trying to restart the process from square one and if a problem occurs to document it more simply. I appreciate the step by step. That should help as I think much of my testing was after taking card from PC and putting in the camera where your step 5 says to keep it in the PC.

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