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Re: DSTE D800 Grip w/3900mAh Battery, is the BEST Value

Very well put together, I agree with everything Hawaii-geek has said.
For $100 (battery+grip) this is an insane deal!

Hawaii-geek wrote:

DSTE Grip for D800 BEST Value. and probably the Best after market D800 Grip right now.

I just got mine, it took less than 2 weeks shipping. DSTE has very good service imo
Yes, Better than the popular Pixel and Meike Grips just on specs alone.

Remember at less than us$100 shipped , this KIT also comes with a 3900mAh battery that has about double the power vs the D4 large battery.
Everything so far said about the DSTE D800 Grip from other users is True imho.

First it does have a Metal PIN , it does have a Solid connection to the D800 ... but, there is a very small gap between the body and grip in the center. It DOES have a rubber seal around the main connector. Looks not better or worst vs the D700 nikon grip I have to compair with

Though there is metal reinforcements at the tripod mount, the D700 Nikon Grip is more solid, I can feel the differance with my eyes closed without the trays or batterys in it. The Nikon D700 grip controls in general are better. Even though the DSTE D800 grip is CLICKY which I like, it is not as solid vs Nikon grip. Not Bad though. In fact , I kinda like the faster moving Joy stick. Because I use the Joy Stick to move my AF point. And I can tell it will be easier on the DSTE, and still precise enough.

The empty Nikon D700 grip has a Solid "tap" sound. The DSTE clearly plastic. I would use the Grip on a Tripod. But, will probably NOT mount my BlackRapid straps to it with the heavy 70-200mm VRII. Does not seem like the grip has a metal frame all around with plastic over it. Don't get me wrong, It's OK. and Solid enough.
Yes, it does 6fps in DX.

I did the Live Veiw test , and yes I did see the ERR , (which you need to press the shutter to recover from). ONLY when NO D800 battery in the camera.

On my D800 and DSTE grip , it did not like when you had a D800 battery in the camera and none in the specific tray that holds the D800 battery. I basically would not start up. It's only that tray. If I put an empty AA tray it works. weird.

Anyway, when I use this grip I will always have a D800 battery in the camera and a battery (probably the 3900mAh one) in the grip. in this config Everything Works. Even Live View.

Yes it can read the % use on the D800 batterys , but not the % use on the 3900mAh DSTE battery. (makes sense) ... but there is battery bars.

Note: the DSTE 3900mAh battery that came with this Kit is a Serious High Capasity Battery. and both my chargers are working.

Bottom Line: I would probably buy this GRIP for the DSTE 3900mAh battery "use". The price makes it a MUST BUY, it's such a Value kinda Deal!

Would I buy this GRIP again? ... a resounding YES ! ... with the 3900mAh battery its such Deal, I am amazed. Or maybe it's just that I have been buying too much FF Nikon gear that my price prospective is waaay off.

Anyone that bought the D700 Grip ... and then bought the D3 Battery, mount, and Nikon Charger ... knows how much that cost.

With this Kit , the price is sooo Low under us$100 ... you really don't have to "Bust your Brain" trying to find Value in this Purchase.


Hope this helps someone,

Please feel free to criticize, make suggestions, and edit any of my photos & re-post, to help show me 'the way'. * I am trying to Elevate the Level of my 'Snap Shots'

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