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Re: D4 battery question

This has been documented before, search for the "DSTE" battery grip thread, quite a lengthy one.

The problem occurs only in the scenario with the aftermarket grip + aftermarket battery and NO ORIGINAL Nikon battery inside the body portion.

In the above scenario, it works fine except in live view, goes in live view and promptly the screen turns off and an error code is being displayed on the top screen.

No problems if the original battery remains in the body.

Seems internal protection to keep the profits by selling the original batteries, we all know that after D5100/D7000/D800 all nikon batteries come coded and aftermarket versions can't be used properly.

inasir1971 wrote:
D4 is a full body so it's all one piece (no grip) and only takes 1 EN-EL18

xenon-mkd wrote:

Only downside is, the camera can't work in Liveview if only the aftermarket battery is present and in the grip and no original battery remains in the camera.

Sorry - something sounds seriously wrong here.

What does your camera report when you select battery info? It should show information for two battery sources. Your camera is supposed to communicate with both batteries and handle any power switching.

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